Emma said on Nov 8, 2012 6:46 PM

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Wendy for my new hair!!! I have had extensions done by her a couple of days ago. 2 weeks ago i had severley damaged, long bleached blond hair, which i had had to have cut into into short bob due to the amount of damage… i needed a new hairdresser.. I rang Wendy out of the blue and she came and saved me, lol. She initially coloured my hair back to a natural, deep chestnuty brown, and a few days later she came around and put my extensions in. I love them!! Ive never really had sort hair in my life, and to be honest i hated the short bob style that the other hairdresser had done. I now have my length back while i grow out my own hair. It looks great and i would recommend Wendy to anyone looking for a new stylist. She gave me an excellent consultaion at forst, and has been professional throughout. I look forward to having my next set done by her! Thanks hun! 🙂

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